Friday, May 7, 2010

Embroidery, Updates, Mayhem and More

I have no word processor on this computer at the moment, so spelling and gramer mistakes will be rampent and things will be mostly point-form style again.

Somehow more fabric has been coming home with me lately. In the past few days I have totalled 60.85 metres of fabric, quilting cottons on extreme discounts and some canvas' for bags and totes. To date I have brought home 211.90 metres of fabric and none of it seems to be leaving the house. I've failed on my one resolution I beleive. I havent' been sewing too much, trying to get more artistic projects finished and into my portfolio. I am in dire need of work clothing and some nice summer dress' and skirts. After Sunday I get another 3 days to work on some projects and hopefully finish some.

I have a total of 11 embroidery designs stitched out and ready for bags, just need to finish putting them all together. Once finished I will be selling them to recoup some of my costs. Bags will cost about $30 CAD. I have a box of 112 colours coming from ontario's Designs by Sick to enhance my embroidering. I'm runing out of stitch patterns to use as i lack some pretty key colours.

I have come up with an idea that may help more with my portfolio. Aside from making embroidery designs I'm in serious need of more peices to include for entrance to ACAD. "Quilting art" if the first one works out may be the answer to a few of my troubles. For starters it uses up some of my exponentially growing stash. I swear the fabric breeds if left long enough. The problem though is the projects are large and often quite messy if I bust out the fabric dyes, stencils, paints, yarn and other embelishments. Solution: Pray for very very nice warm weather.

As for acutally painting, i have started a few but am not capable of leaving things out to dry or set due to the lack of space. At "Powerama" I took quite a few new shots of the cars and have been wanting to paint them but have had to look for other sourses of creativity to fill my portfolo. I do require a lot of traditional peices and can't keep this up. I need 12 more peices before October 1, 2010. Taking into account that I am required to physically drop my portfolio off it gives me 20 weeks to finish 12 peices. 1 Traditional is half way finished, a pastel painting. I still need some acutal acrylics and watercolours. 2 quilting art peices are planned, both lap quilt sized for sanity's sake. I have 1 solid entry with my AMCA logo design/stitch pattern. This still leaves me with 9 or 10 peices to compleate.

Aside from the 2 art quilts planned I have 3 traditional ones planned. Two baby quilts for my cousin in California and one for my sister. The quilt for my sister is cut out and ready to go and once finished (full queen sized) will eliminate 10-12 metres of fabric from my stash.

In other news i've lost my camera charger. I'm borrowing my fathers camera for now to keep taking photos of the designs i'm doing and the final products. I have no clue where it went to but I really do need to find it.