Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Extra Time and Easily Side Tracked: a very brief update as to what’s being going on since December.

1. Working with the Juki, having a few troubles with the threading of the machine, twists, and poor button holes. Will be working with it over the next few weeks on simple projects and scrap to work out the kinks and bugs as well as practice. Sews through heavy denims, cords, canvas, tarping and more. Seems to have a few troubles with lighter weight materials such as quilting cottons.
2. Wardrobe completions: Working towards adding new clothing to my boring wardrobe, many new skirts especially Marfy will find their way into my closet. UFO’s are a major target and several items have been finished.
3. Working with Knits. Pulled out the old Babylock serger to work with knits during the Olympics. Still need practice but knits are no longer as scary as they once were, several knit tops and dresses are among the new wardrobe projects for summer.
4. Quilting: Have completed the top portion to a baby quilt started in December, it is the second quilt I have ever made and will soon be the first to free motion on either the Juki or Jenome. Two quilts are in the immediate future one for my sister which needs to be completed for May 15th, it is a full queen size, second is another UFO from 2 years ago for my nephew.
5. Embroidery projects: I have started designing my own embroidery. These take a great deal of time and are of great use to my ACAD portfolio. I plan on doing a lot of embroidery over the next few months and aim to try and squish in some supplemental income through small items like embroidered tote bags. I will post images of the first design digitized as well as the smaller projects associated with it.
6. Painting: I’ve acquired a vast number of “Pan Pastels” over the past few months and have prepped canvas ready for the acrylics, with the summer now here its time to go outside and paint. My room has been shifted around and may soon accommodate a drafting/drawing table so that the computer doesn’t get torn down every time I wish to use pastels or paint. I have over 60 gesso’d canvas’ and have been brushing up on my colour theory and watercolour techniques.